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Displaying 71 - 80 of 84 Articles
Pros and Cons of Portable Swamp Cooler
A portable swamp cooler is more sophisticated than an air conditioner.
06-26-23 by
Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer
Don't break the bank just because you're breaking a sweat.
03-21-23 by
Switching From Air Conditioning To A Whole House Fan
Keep the power bill costs down and the cool airflow up.
06-26-23 by
The 4 Main Types of Air Conditioners
Most cooling devices fall into one of these families.
07-07-22 by
The Cryogenic Applications of Evaporative Air Conditioning
Evaporative air conditioning is a unique version of AC.
04-27-22 by
The Efficiency of Ancient Passive Heating and Cooling Techniques
Green solutions to one of our most basic needs.
03-30-22 by
Top 10 Ways to Save on Your Cooling Costs
From adjusting your thermostat to sipping an icy beverage, we'll keep you cool.
03-22-23 by
Troubleshooting Common Problems with an Air Conditioner Condenser
Start by making sure it's clean.
04-21-22 by
Using a Timer with an Air Conditioner
Save money by cooling at the right times.
07-03-23 by
What Does it Cost to Run a Room Air Conditioner?
You will need to take into account the size of the space.
05-02-22 by