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Displaying 21 - 30 of 32 Articles
How to Make Furnace Filter Face Masks
Some of them have materials close to medical grade.
02-03-23 by
How to Make Your Own Face Masks
Protective medical gear is in short supply.
04-13-21 by
How to Prepare Your Home for the Coronavirus
Maximize your chances of avoiding the outbreak.
05-11-20 by
How to Wash Fruits and Vegetables
Don't use soap.
05-20-20 by
How You Can Help During COVID-19
Get out the wood working tools or prep the sewing machine.
05-11-20 by
Make Your Supplies Last Longer
Don't waste a single bite.
05-11-20 by
Toilet Paper Alternatives
Plenty of common household goods can do the trick.
04-21-20 by
What Do You Absolutely Need in Your Pantry?
Maintaining good stores makes it much easier to eat healthy.
05-21-20 by
What is a Ventilator?
These breathing aides are vital, life saving machines.
04-22-20 by
What Materials Make the Best Face Masks?
A double layer of quilted cotton is among the best options.
04-16-20 by