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Displaying 11 - 20 of 196 Articles
An elegant front door with much curb appeal.
Develop a whole new feel for your exterior and create instant curb appeal in one afternoon.
07-25-22 by Steven Bernstein
wisteria plant in an indoor planter
Wisteria, a deciduous climbing vine, generally grows best when planted in the ground and sufficiently supported.
01-06-20 by Suzanne Kane
A house in a tropical location with palm trees and other foliage in the front yard.
Follow these four tips that involve long-term planning.
12-01-20 by James Jones
A collection of landscaping plants in different shades of greens.
You don't need a lot of watering or upkeep to have a lush vacation home yard.
10-23-17 by Sara LeDuc
A pink two-story house.
Trick the eye with these landscaping strategies to make your home appear larger than it really is.
07-05-17 by Perry Carpenter
healthy lawn
Caring for your lawn is not only good for your front yard's aesthetics, but also the environment.
06-16-22 by DoItYourself Staff
Landscaping with lasers title card against night sky
Easily create huge effects you have to see to believe.
09-13-17 by Kimberly Keller
man holding orange
Proper pruning keeps your citrus trees healthy and productive.
01-07-20 by Karen Thurber
A metal door.
If your home's metal door doesn't fit the decor, paint it.
12-31-19 by Gabriella Buonassisi
A nicely-kept house.
Each of these 4 projects can be accomplished in a day.
11-19-20 by Perry Carpenter