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Displaying 1 - 10 of 63 Articles
2 Mistakes to Avoid when Cutting Glass
Glass is easily damaged.
11-16-22 by
3 Tips for Cutting an Aluminum Pipe
Slow and steady cuts aluminum..
01-17-22 by
4 Safety Tips When Working with a Hacksaw
Hacksaws cut through hard or thick pieces of metal.
01-04-23 by
5 Differences Between a Hand Axe and a Hatchet
Are you using a hand axe or a hatchet? Find out the differences here!
01-17-23 by
5 Tips for Cutting Concrete with an Angle Grinder
Here are some tips for using an angle grinder to cut concrete.
12-03-22 by
6 Safety Concerns when Cutting Sheet Metal
The job of cutting sheet metal doesn't come without some significant dangers.
12-19-22 by
6 Tips for Cutting Lattice Panels
'Lattice' get right to the point with the right tools.
03-17-21 by
7 Safety Tips When Using a Utility Knife
A utility knife is a small, lightweight knife with a replaceable blade.
01-04-23 by
Base Molding Installation: Cleaning Corners
Cutting inside and outside corners on base molding is a tricky process.
09-19-22 by
Build Sturdy Headers In 5 Easy Steps
Headers are an important part of a wood frame construction.
03-19-20 by