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Displaying 31 - 40 of 96 Articles
DIY Basic Window Seat Bench
Nothing feels as much like home as a window seat bench.
09-01-21 by
DIY Geometry for Beginners
Depending on your project, it is almost certain some level of measuring and math will be involved.
11-15-21 by
DIY Mailbox Upgrades
Make your mailbox memorable with these easy DIY upgrades.
08-22-22 by
DIY Skills From a Dad to a Grad
6 survival skills to teach to those leaving the nest
02-16-23 by
DIY Window Replacement
DIY window replacement is an interesting project.
08-12-21 by
Fuel Injector Cleaning Tips
It's important to do a fuel injector cleaning regularly.
07-30-21 by
Grouting Porous Tiles
Do tiles have gaps between them larger than they should be?
09-22-21 by
Hardwood Staircase Construction Step-by-Step
Building a hardwood staircase requires some basic carpentry skills.
10-27-21 by
How to Build a Hinged Shadow Box
Building a hinged shadow box is not a great secret.
11-14-22 by
How to Build a Sundial
Not the most practical or accurate way to tell time.
08-10-21 by