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Displaying 11 - 20 of 51 Articles
Cutting Dryer Vent Tubes Correctly
Many times a dryer vent tube will need to be cut to size in order for it to fit correctly.
01-22-22 by
Diagnosing Your Dryer Vent Noise
The longer you have been using your dryer vent, the greater the chance that it will develop a problem.
01-22-22 by
Does a Wall Dryer Vent Build up Lint Fast?
The lint trap should catch most of it.
04-28-22 by
Don't Use PVC for Dryer Vents
PVC is very durable, strong, and easy to work with.
01-22-22 by
Dryer Vent Hose Length Considerations
The length of your dryer vent hose can have a significant effect on the efficiency of your dryer.
02-02-22 by
Electric Dryer Repair: Troubleshooting an Overheating Dryer
If your dryer is overheating, it may be time to look in to some electric dryer repair.
09-20-22 by
Guide to Cleaning a Dryer Duct
It will help your dryer live longer.
05-02-22 by
How a Dryer Works
Not many people know exactly how a dryer works.
09-27-22 by
How to Avoid Dryer Vent Fumes
Dryer vent fumes can be harmful.
04-20-22 by
How to Build a Wooden Laundry Drying Rack
It's a fun and easy project.
10-20-21 by