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Displaying 1 - 10 of 64 Articles
Flexible Electrical Conduit
A flexible electrical conduit can be very useful.
03-26-20 by Adam Deppe
spiral of silver colored Electrical Conduits
Conduits are an excellent way to protect electrical wiring.
04-02-20 by Jeff Grundy
a person connecting wires coming out from a wall
Many people are often confused about even the basics.
04-02-20 by Dawn Hammon
A wall plate.
An electrical wall plate is another name for a switch plate.
04-03-20 by Jennifer Aube
A photoelectric switch.
Save money and never worry about turning the lights on.
04-03-20 by Jenelle Jones
A water meter.
A meter socket is also known as a meter base.
04-09-20 by Hannah Madans
A pair of fluorescent lights in a tiled ceiling.
T12 ballasts are outdated and being phased out.
04-09-20 by Rebecca Hollada
How to Test a Thermal Fuse
Start by disconnecting appliances.
09-12-20 by Matthew Kolas
A man inspects a circuit breaker.
The circuit breaker comes in a wide range of sizes.
09-28-20 by Hannah Madans
If you ever use an RV or go camping, then an inverter may be what you need.
11-10-21 by Sarah Peel