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Displaying 11 - 20 of 24 Articles
How to Remove an Engine Oil Pump
An engine oil pump pushes oil through the motor.
11-21-21 by
How to Replace a Car's Radiator Tank
It's not hard to do, but follow safety procedures carefully.
06-16-21 by
How to Replace a Coolant Temperature Sensor
Ensure proper temp readings for overall performance.
02-06-21 by
How to Replace an Engine Head
Get your head on straight with a few pointers.
12-29-21 by
How to Replace a Radiator Cooling Fan
Without the fan, your engine can overheat.
06-22-21 by
How to Replace a Spark Plug Terminal Stud
Did you know you can replace just a piece?
08-10-21 by
How to Replace a Vapor Canister Purge Valve
It's an integral part of the EVAP system.
07-01-22 by
Life Expectancy of Marine Engines
The average marine gasoline engine runs for 1,500 hours.
08-05-21 by
Mower Engine Runs for 10 Minutes and Stops
Check the igniter, fuel cap, and carburetor solenoid.
08-13-20 by
RV Repair: How to Repair an Engine Block Heater
It's a crucial part in consistent freezing weather.
01-09-22 by