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Displaying 1 - 10 of 82 Articles
2 Common Repairs for an Oscillating Fan
An oscillating fan may require repair in various ways.
01-26-22 by
5 Steps to Installing an Attic Gable Fan
Cut cooling and heating costs with an attic fan.
09-12-22 by
5 Ways to Repair Your Damaged Window Fans
A window fan moves air and makes your home more comfortable.
02-02-22 by
8 Benefits of a Whole House Fan
Consider a whole house fan to cool your house.
03-09-20 by
Add a Bathroom Exhaust Fan in the Wall
A bathroom exhaust fan is a necessity.
02-04-22 by
Add an Oscillating Fan to a Room: 8 Advantages
An oscillating fan is a type of fan that oscillates or swings from side to side.
01-04-22 by
Add a Vent Fan to a Suspended Ceiling
Now you can install a vent fan in a drop ceiling yourself.
01-02-21 by
Adding a Ceiling Fan to a Concrete Ceiling
So you want to install your ceiling fan on a concrete but you don't know how?
07-27-22 by
Adjusting Furnace Fan Speed
If you know what you are doing, it is very simple to adjust the speed of your furnace fan.
12-16-21 by
Apartment Ceiling Fan Installation
Install a ceiling fan in your apartment to cool your space.
09-01-22 by