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Displaying 1 - 10 of 30 Articles
4 Slab Foundation Repair Methods
There are several levels of repair options to try before resorting to a professional.
10-13-20 by
5 Foundation Waterproofing Methods
Waterproofing the basement helps protect your home.
06-26-23 by
Advanced Foundation: Concrete Piers and Mudjacking
Understand the two most common advanced foundation repairs.
05-06-21 by
Block Foundation vs. Poured Foundation
There are 2 types of foundations that you can choose from when building a home.
03-01-23 by
Building a Sturdy Pier and Beam Foundation
A simple pier and beam foundation is a great alternative.
09-07-21 by
Different Types of House Foundations
You can mount a house on a few different materials.
08-18-22 by
Home Building Basics: Deciding on a Foundation
Choose an option based on location, cost, and time.
02-26-21 by
How to Build a Cinder Block Shed Foundation
Create a good foundation for your storage.
01-31-23 by
How to Build Batter Boards
Learn how to construct these crucial pieces for a home.
02-06-20 by
How to Build Footings for Concrete Retaining Walls
Footings create a foundation for a concrete wall.
06-26-23 by