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Displaying 31 - 40 of 85 Articles
How Much Does It Cost to Build a 24x24 Garage?
Add up the elements of garage construction.
06-06-23 by
How Much Will a Garage Conversion Cost?
First decide how the space will be used.
03-01-23 by
How to Add a Garage Door Window
Install your new garage door window in five steps.
01-15-20 by
How to Add a Room Above the Garage
Some general outlines for finishing off a bonus room.
03-18-20 by
How to Adjust a Garage Door Limit Switch
The limit switch controls how far the garage door opens.
02-21-20 by
How to Adjust a Garage Door that Is Uneven
Fix your garage door in two steps.
12-18-20 by
How to Build a Flat Garage Roof
A flat garage roof is far easier to build than one with a pitch so it is a good project for a DIYer.
06-26-23 by
How To Build Garage Cabinets
How to build garage cabinets is actually a lot easier than you may think.
02-22-23 by
How to Construct a Bicycle Storage Rack for Your Garage
Storage racks can hang multiple bikes.
10-29-21 by
How to Convert a Single Car Garage into a Two-Car Garage
There is quite a simple way to turn a single car garage into a two-car garage. You can use a car lift to park additional cars.
01-06-20 by