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Displaying 71 - 80 of 85 Articles
Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Installation
A screw drive garage door opener uses a threaded steel rod.
06-26-23 by
Sealing Your Garage Floor
Many people have the mistaken belief that concrete garage floors are maintenance-free. Far from it.
01-06-20 by
Structural Soundproofing for Better Acoustics
Acoustically efficient rooms block and absorb sound waves.
03-24-23 by
The Importance of Garage Ventilation
Not ventilating your garage can be dangerous.
12-27-19 by
The Nuts and Bolts: Celebrate National Clean Out Your Garage Day
Summer's over, so organize the pool toys and get ready for fall.
02-16-23 by
Troubleshooting a Garage Door Opener Keypad
If your door opener has been pushing your buttons, try this.
01-17-20 by
Troubleshooting a Garage That Won’t Close in Cold Weather
Here are a few easy fixes you can do yourself.
06-26-23 by
Troubleshooting Common Winter Garage Door Issues
Don't get frozen out.
02-07-23 by
Troubleshooting Garage Heaters
Solve issues like fan fails, low heat, and rapid cycling.
08-07-23 by
Ultimate Garage Gym: Body Building at Home
Create the perfect space to fit your workout needs.
05-05-23 by