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Displaying 11 - 20 of 52 Articles
A young girl touches her dad's nose with a paintbrush.
Give your dad what he really wants for Father's Day.
06-18-21 by KC Morgan
An Enzo Mari style shelf.
A contemporary, elegant, and efficient shelf from timeless Italian Modernist Enzo Mari.
03-06-15 by Jordan Johnson
An assortment of tools from an EDC go-bag.
Prepare for this question: "As long as you're here, can you take a look at this broken thing?"
05-11-20 by Justin (Writer) DiPego
A peace lily.
Peace lilies make great gifts.
07-11-22 by Justin Stewart
Leather belt on worktable
Ever wanted your own custom belt? It's easier than you think!
11-30-21 by Kimberly Keller
Leather cuff on worktable
Make a custom accessory that'll last for years!
11-30-21 by Kimberly Keller
A ring made of baling wire
With just a little work create the tie that binds.
04-04-22 by Justin (Writer) DiPego
A father and son working on a classic car together.
Need some last-minute gift ideas for the gearhead dad in your life?
06-18-21 by Sara LeDuc
holiday cookie gifts
Whip up yummy gifts that are bound to be readily appreciated
04-23-20 by Nicole Nemeth
chopping vegetables
Show off your master chef skills.
11-30-21 by Leah Champion