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Displaying 31 - 40 of 52 Articles
A group of potted succulents with the phrase "DIY succulent garden."
Succulents are an inexpensive way to add color and sculpture to your space. Make the most of their natural beauty by grouping them together.
02-18-15 by Amy Jensen
A piece of homemade organic goat milk soap tied with a piece of lavender and twine.
Go all-natural without sacrificing on comfort and scent with homemade goat milk soap!
01-03-19 by Sara LeDuc
A footstool with a built-in bookshelf.
For the bibliophile to put her feet up on.
02-24-15 by Zachary DiPego
If you're big on web surfing, make sure you choose a cellphone that's up to the task.
07-25-22 by Andrew T.
two football jerseys side by side
Keep that jersey safe in an easy to make display case. This guide will help you do it yourself like a pro.
07-25-22 by Robert Gallo
gloved hand holding paper bag
Get out the wood working tools or prep the sewing machine.
05-11-20 by Dawn Hammon
wrench set with gift bows
Over forty useful items for all levels of experience.
06-18-21 by John ("Jase") Campbell
Someone in a plaid shirt holding a chalkboard sign that says "black friday."
Check out advice on where to shop for the best DIY Black Friday deals.
11-15-18 by Sara LeDuc
A bouquet of pink roses for Valentine's Day.
Save money by creating a bouquet yourself.
07-25-22 by Dawn Hammon
a blue stamp on a piece of fabric with a homemade pattern
You can make a painted stamp out of almost anything.
07-25-22 by Maddison Dayton