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Displaying 21 - 30 of 265 Articles
Green, eco-friendly home illustration
Improve your home, and the environment, with these simple projects.
05-10-20 by Dawn Hammon
A pair of hands holding a small globe with a bunch of tools surrounding it.
Earth Day is considered the birthday of the modern environmental movement—April 22, 1970—a day when everyone is supposed to take a little extra time to consider the world around them. What can you do for the Earth today? The problems the planet faces are truly vast, and it can be pretty overwhelming.
05-10-20 by KC Morgan
An herb garden in colorful pots in front of a window.
Try one or all four of these DIY ways to live more sustainably and find out how easy it is to reduce your carbon footprint.
03-15-17 by Ruth LovettSmith
Rain water pouring from a gutter
Catch rainwater to keep your outdoor areas green and gorgeous.
03-18-19 by KC Morgan
pool shower
The accumulation is inevitable over time.
01-06-20 by Gabriella Buonassisi
A hand holding a leaf with cutouts of a tree and house in it.
Gone are the days of hazardous fiberglass. Insulation these days can be made from recycled denim or even sheep wool, with just as much efficacy.
11-18-20 by KC Morgan
A couple relaxing on a couch with their heads behind their head.
Protect your health while you DIY with these precautionary measures.
11-30-21 by DoItYourself Staff
A black chalkboard with a drawing of a white house and rainbow arrows.
Use zero-energy building techniques for your new construction or remodel, and see a big difference in your energy costs.
12-29-16 by KC Morgan
Stacks of plastic bottles waiting to be recycled.
Help keep the environment healthy using these eco-friendly building materials.
03-16-17 by Robert Ferguson
Walnuts in their green outer casing
The process may kill the tree.
05-26-22 by Justin Stewart