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Displaying 31 - 40 of 265 Articles
Solar lamp on a bistro set.
Solar energy isn't just reserved to your roof!
01-09-20 by Angela Sabrowsky
A backyard garden with a wheelbarrow and shovel.
From solar lights to rain barrels, it's easier than ever to turn your outdoor oasis into one that doesn't harm the earth.
03-19-18 by Dawn Hammon
A cricket on a wood surface.
Crickets can be a nuisance, but using pesticides may not be the answer for eliminating them. Here are some natural solutions.
01-17-20 by Perry Carpenter
A red insect trap hanging in a tree.
Ditch the poison for these safe, organic ways to fend off creepy-crawlies.
12-17-19 by Emily Gleeson
Eco-friendly cleaning supplies
Eliminate toxins in your home with these eco-friendly ideas.
05-10-20 by Emily Gleeson
A green roof on a building.
Ten easy steps to building a green roof on your shed.
11-14-19 by Justin Stewart
a lap pool
Converting to salt water could be good for your skin.
08-08-19 by Kenneth Rivera
Cleaning supplies.
Vinegar can make pH neutral cleaners.
01-24-20 by Aunindita Bhatia
green cleaning products
Protect your home and family be avoiding these common DIY green cleaning mistakes.
03-15-16 by Kirsten Nunez
A jar of baking soda and vinegar against a white background with a couple of lemons.
Increase your gift budget this holiday season by making your own household cleaners.
05-10-20 by