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Displaying 11 - 20 of 48 Articles
Grouting Porous Tiles
Do tiles have gaps between them larger than they should be?
09-22-21 by
Grouting Your Bathroom
Eventually you will need to add grout in your bathroom.
10-29-21 by
Grout Restoration and Recoloring
A progressive way of restoring and recoloring grout.
11-05-20 by
Grout Sealant Removal
Without the proper set of instructions, the removal of grout sealant can be a time-consuming task.
10-13-21 by
How to Caulk a Large Gap Between Tub and Tile
You might need a row of smaller tiles to fill the space.
01-08-21 by
How to Clean Grout Haze from White Porcelain Tile
White porcelain tile is beautiful when clean.
05-31-22 by
How to Grout and Seal Bath Tile
Follow these steps to seal shower tile grout.
10-21-21 by
How to Grout a Tile Backsplash
Grouting your tile backsplash is an easy process.
03-02-20 by
How to Grout Bathroom Tile
Applying grout is a vital part of the bathroom tile process.
05-25-22 by
How to Grout Like a Pro!
Protect your surfaces from water damage.
12-13-22 by