Displaying 31 - 40 of 47 Articles
Displaying 31 - 40 of 47 Articles
Jet Grout Technology Explained
Read this article to understand jet grout technology.
08-17-21 by
Kitchen Cleaning Agents that Clean Dirty Grout Lines
Beat the grimy floor war with a battle plan.
04-26-21 by
Mosaic Grout Instructions
Mosaic grout is used to fill spaces left between tesserae.
03-29-21 by
Non Sanded vs. Sanded Grout: Which to Use?
Choosing the right grout for your tiles.
09-15-21 by
Sealing Grout: Does Grout Sealer Change Grout Color?
Read this article for advice on how sealer will affect the color of your tile grout.
02-28-20 by
Selecting Grout Colors
Many people do not put much thought on selecting grout colors.
10-13-21 by
The Dangers of Grout Sealer
What are the safety guidelines to respect when applying grout sealer?
06-09-21 by
Tile and Grout Cleaning
Tile and grout cleaning is a very simple process.
12-17-20 by
Tile and Grout Cleaning Equipment
What tools can be used to clean tiles?
08-25-21 by
Tile Grout Cleaners Compared
Over time, you will notice that the grout between tiles gets grimy.
08-10-21 by