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Displaying 1 - 10 of 333 Articles
A vehicle's PCV Valve
Do you know the signs of PCV valve failure? If not, you could be putting your car and yourself in danger.
11-01-19 by Piyush Jain
An electrical cord in the shape of a house.
4 tips to keep you from shock.
03-04-15 by Sandra Karnes
A man holding an electrical cord with smoke around his head.
What to do and not do when it comes to home electrical safety may not all be common sense. What can you do to prevent an electrical tragedy in your home?
05-08-20 by Kimberly Carver
A hole in an orange wall with wires coming out of it.
Don't make these mistakes when working on your home's electrical!
05-12-20 by Perry Carpenter
a crack in concrete wall
Neglecting concrete block foundation cracks can cause serious problems for your home over time. Try these steps to repair it early.
01-06-20 by Sarah Coghlan
An iced-over walkway outside a home.
It's never too early to prepare for the winter ice and snow.
02-17-21 by Paul(Team) Miceli
earth sheltered home
Don't let the few myths surrounding earth-sheltered homes deter you from enjoying its numerous advantages.
08-08-19 by Alden Smith
A broom sweeping up a dust bunny that's an indoor air pollutant.
Did you know the air inside your home can be more polluted than the air outside?
10-01-20 by Robert Ferguson
A wolf spider hiding in fall leaves.
You can't ignore or befriend these 3 spiders
11-19-20 by Rachel Klein
An empty attic with light coming through a window.
Some common attic problems to look out for and fix ASAP.
02-18-21 by Ruth LovettSmith