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Displaying 1 - 10 of 332 Articles
A vehicle's PCV Valve
Do you know the signs of PCV valve failure? If not, you could be putting your car and yourself in danger.
11-01-19 by Piyush Jain
A broom sweeping up a dust bunny that's an indoor air pollutant.
Did you know the air inside your home can be more polluted than the air outside?
10-01-20 by Robert Ferguson
earth sheltered home
Don't let the few myths surrounding earth-sheltered homes deter you from enjoying its numerous advantages.
08-08-19 by Alden Smith
Rain on a roof.
Keep the rain where it belongs with these tips for maintaining a protected roof.
01-31-17 by Robert Ferguson
Rain water spilling from a downspout.
Improper drainage can lead to major damage.
12-27-19 by
An iced-over walkway outside a home.
It's never too early to prepare for the winter ice and snow.
02-17-21 by Paul(Team) Miceli
a crack in concrete wall
Neglecting concrete block foundation cracks can cause serious problems for your home over time. Try these steps to repair it early.
01-06-20 by Sarah Coghlan
A safe home with sandbags and water surrounding it.
Make a safe refuge for you and your family.
10-30-17 by Bruce Haring
A red life ring hanging against wood siding.
Feel extra prepared by having these emergency supplies at the ready.
11-19-20 by Perry Carpenter
A small flame from a candle in a blackout.
Save money in the event of a blackout with these tips.
03-09-20 by Perry Carpenter