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flowering Elfin Thymus Praecox in a rock garden
01-14-20 by Justin Stewart
leaves of lemon balm
01-08-20 by GABRIEL SALTER
Sage plant
03-01-20 by Niki (Team) Hampton
Field of lavender
06-21-20 by Preetam Kaushik
Rosemary plant
06-21-20 by Kimberly Wadsworth
lemon balm and a jar of essential oil
01-14-21 by Heather Coman
lemon verbena
12-13-19 by Heather Coman
Dill, the Pickling Herb
01-07-20 by GABRIEL SALTER
Row of pots each with a variety of plants inside
01-09-20 by Melinda Wendt-Costarella
Rows of lavender.
01-10-20 by Suzanne Kane