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Displaying 1 - 10 of 22 Articles
Garage converted into a home office with furniture.
Choose the office desk wood that will best suit your needs.
05-26-21 by Justin Stewart
Home paper shredders can be the solution to the heaps of paper waste inside your house. Newspapers, junk mail, old documents and receipts, and even your kids’ school works pile up regularly in your home. For security purposes, you may shred these papers before disposal, using a reliable paper shredder.
02-06-21 by Marivic Fontanilla
Printer stands, which are made from heavy-duty frames, are designed to hold and support printers. They are also sometimes used for storing items like paper, printer cartridges, and printing-related materials. 1. Type Printer stands come in a wide variety of types. The first thing you have to decide is
02-06-21 by Marivic Fontanilla
A filing cabinet.
A filing cabinet lock can keep important papers and other items secure.
01-10-20 by DoItYourself Staff
Foam board in rows.
Foam board can be used for crafts.
01-10-20 by Sarah Peel
Converting Your Garage into a High-End Home Office
Your garage doesn't have to be just a giant storage box that holds holiday decorations. It could be your new home office instead.
01-10-20 by Lance Jensen
A home for rent
Thinking of renting out a property? With a DIY attitude it's easier than you think!
01-10-20 by Kimberly Keller
Do you have an old school desk in need of restoration? School furniture is built to survive much use.
08-01-22 by Josh Barback
A wood desk.
Home office desks don't have to be an eyesore.
08-01-22 by Justin Stewart
Adding an L-shaped desk to your home office will give you all the work space that you need.
08-16-22 by Colleen McKie