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Displaying 1 - 10 of 312 Articles
nest thermostat controls
The forum chats about some good options on the market.
03-05-20 by Caleb Mayo
A barn swallow perched on the roof, planning a nest in your ductwork.
This week, the Forum deals with baby birds.
05-31-22 by Justin DiPego
A squirrel sitting on a tree eating an apple.
A squirrel may need a cozy home for the winter, but it doesn't have to be YOUR home!
11-03-17 by
A ladder next to a paint can and paint roller.
Does paint quality matter? In short, yes!
08-13-19 by Angela Sabrowsky
A hand grasping a doorknob on a white door.
How easy is it to change the swing of a door?
11-03-17 by
An unfinished garage with framing and a concrete floor.
When it comes to dealing with studs eaten by carpenter ants, it's advised that they're replaced completely.
11-03-17 by
A man seeding a lawn with a yellow cart.
Is it too late to add grass seed?
09-27-21 by Angela Sabrowsky
A handyman constructing a wood deck and using an impact driver.
A new DIYer wants to know: nails vs screws and nail gun vs collated screw gun?
11-18-20 by Angela Sabrowsky
A handyman painting a stucco house.
Is adding a new layer of stucco enough to waterproof a window sill?
11-03-17 by
A bathroom with a granite countertop.
This DIYer wants to replace a bathroom countertop, but is granite the best choice?
11-03-17 by