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Displaying 1 - 10 of 18 Articles
3 Advantages of Using a Gas Heat Pump
Consider efficiency and environmental footprint.
05-02-22 by
3 Easy Ways To Shave Rigid Foam Insulation
You can easily install and remove rigid foam insulation.
12-17-20 by
5 Types of Chimney Cowls Explained
This article compares 5 types of chimney cowls.
03-06-20 by
Answers to Interior Walls Questions #2
Older homes can have significant cracks.
07-28-21 by
Build a Floating Deck in Six Steps
Sometimes it isn’t feasible to construct a permanent deck. However, if you still want the space, you can try a floating deck.
02-20-20 by
Building Safe Hot Tub Steps
Having a hot tub is an enjoyable experience, but without a set of safe hot tub steps, it can also be a dangerous one.
02-24-20 by
Hot Topics: Fireplace Framing
Warming up to a new home heating feature?
01-08-21 by
Hot Topics: Property Boundary Lines
This DIYer turns to our experienced forum posters for info on property boundary lines.
10-12-18 by
Hot Tub Maintenance: How to Winterize Your Hot Tub
This guide will help spa owners close up for the cold season
02-11-20 by
How Does an Inflatable Hot Tub Work?
Let's take a look at how these hot tubs work.
03-17-20 by