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Displaying 21 - 30 of 30 Articles
How to Maintain Safety While Cleaning
While trying to clean our homes so that they sparkle we also place ourselves at risk.
04-20-23 by
How to Paint the Outside of Your House
Give a fresh look to your home's exterior.
05-06-23 by
How to Remove a Whole House Fan System
To replace the old whole house fan in your home with a new one, you'll have to remove the old one.
02-09-22 by
How to Repaint Wooden Clapboard Siding
Spruce up your home's curb appeal by repainting your wooden clapboard siding.
07-28-22 by
How to Transition Houseplants to Cooler Weather
Houseplants bring color, coziness, and air filtration to your home.
05-05-23 by
How to Wax a Terracotta Floor
In some homes, a matte finish on a terracotta floor blends with the decor, but if you want your terracotta to gleam, you will need to either wax it or varnish it.
02-20-20 by
How to Winterize a Vacant House
Follow these 11 steps to winterizing an empty home.
03-20-20 by
Painting Eaves and Overhangs
Painting eaves and overhangs can be the most difficult outside painting project there is.
07-28-22 by
Suitable Finishes for Sustainable Wood Birdhouses
Hang up wood birdhouses if your goal is to provide a comfortable environment for wildlife.
03-15-23 by
What is the best home humidity level for indoor plants?
Your home humidity level is important for both yourself and your plants.
09-08-22 by