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Displaying 1 - 10 of 53 Articles
10 New Invasive Species to Watch Out For
Some of them are adorable, others not so much.
12-13-21 by
6 Flowers that Attract Good Insects
These blossoms support beneficial bugs.
06-08-20 by
7 Houseplant Pests and How to Stop Them
Identify and attack these plant eating invaders.
05-27-20 by
8 Things to Know About Cicadas
The invasion of 2020 is better news than it sounds like.
07-13-20 by
Are Bug Zappers Fire Hazards?
Any electrical appliance or tool is potentially dangerous as a source of an electrical fire.
06-06-22 by
Battling a Centipede Invasion
Here's how to get rid of unwanted pests.
07-22-21 by
Carnivores in the Garden: Sarracenia Pitcher Plants
Sarracenia are a type of carnivorous plant.
10-24-22 by
Common Summer Pests Coming Your Way (And How to Prevent Them)
What's the buzz on pesky bugs?
05-25-22 by
Crane Flies/Tipple Bugs: Beneficial or Pest?
They're harmless to people, but they nibble on lawns.
05-26-22 by
Different Types of Poisonous Bugs
There are many different types of poisonous bugs. Some of these insects are found in every habitat.
10-04-22 by