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Displaying 1 - 10 of 17 Articles
5 Reasons Your Floor Joists may Cause Uneven Flooring
How to evaluate and repair dips and heaves in your floors.
04-12-22 by
Alternatives to Floor Joist Replacement
How sister-joisting can reinforce a floor joist.
07-09-21 by
Floor Joists
Floor joists are an important part of any floor.
05-13-21 by
How do I connect floor joists to a wall that has no header joist?
In order to attach your floor joists correctly.
02-25-21 by
How do I lay floorboards onto joists?
A few things you need to know before you lay floorboards.
10-20-21 by
How to Brace Your Floor Joists
The floor in a home is placed on top of the joists.
06-13-21 by
How to Install Adjustable Joist Hangers
You'll need them if you're building your own floor or deck.
05-12-21 by
How to Install Masonry Joist Hangers
An important part of the construction of any floor and deck.
12-17-20 by
How to Install Steel Floor Joists
Larger homes often use these to handle the structural load.
03-19-21 by
How to Prevent Shadow Lines Caused by Timber Joists
Follow these simple steps to eliminate this problem.
10-20-21 by