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Displaying 11 - 20 of 24 Articles
How to Cut Laminate Wood Flooring
Laminate wood flooring in your home gives it a new look.
10-25-21 by
How to Install a Laminate Backsplash
Installing a laminate backsplash is a relatively simple task if you are willing to put in the time and effort.
10-14-20 by
How to Install Laminate Tile Flooring
Laminate tile flooring can add a nice touch to your kitchen.
11-10-20 by
How to Laminate Veneer Countertops in 5 Steps
Create a new look with a top layer that brings a big update.
03-20-23 by
How to Lay a Formica Countertop
A formica countertop is relatively simple and easy to install.
08-10-21 by
How to Paint Laminate Cabinets
Update your cabinets in 5 simple steps!
06-26-23 by
How to Reface Laminate Cabinets
Laminate cabinets are more difficult to reface than metal.
11-26-20 by
How to Remove a Laminate Backsplash
The method depends on the way it was installed.
09-23-20 by
Installing T-Molding for Laminate Flooring: 3 Tips
It's necessary when you install a new laminate flooring.
02-16-21 by
Laminate Countertop Resurfacing: Mistakes to Avoid
An effective way to give your kitchen a new look.
08-27-21 by