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Displaying 51 - 60 of 187 Articles
Hanging a Swag Chandelier
Avoid the heavy lifting of cutting holes and wiring.
06-26-23 by
Home Lighting Trends for 2021
Natural elements and vintage charm take prominence.
03-21-23 by
How Long Will a CLF Ballast Typically Last?
It's one of the advantages of using CFLs.
11-17-20 by
How Often Should LED Bulbs Be Replaced
LED bulbs are an incredible invention, offering an intense light.
10-14-20 by
How to Add an Attic Light
Don't trip on your old boxes ever again! Put a light in your attic, already!
02-28-20 by
How to Add a Reading Lamp to a Metal Bed Headboard
Put the spotlight on your reading with this DIY task.
06-26-23 by
How to Attach Christmas Lights to Brick
Having a brick fa├žade doesn't have to keep you from showing off your holiday spirit.
03-14-23 by
How to Build a Light Box for Light Therapy
Light therapy is a popular treatment using light boxes which are used to deliver light.
11-28-22 by
How to Calculate the Voltage of Christmas Lights
Do you have a mystery string of Christmas lights with no indication of voltage?
03-14-23 by
How to Change Bulbs In Halogen Floor Lamps
Halogen floor lamps have bulbs that need a few considerations when it comes time to replace them.
11-12-21 by