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Displaying 1 - 10 of 127 Articles
10 Mistakes To Avoid When Laying Bathroom Tiles
Tile your bathroom right by avoiding these common mistakes.
11-10-20 by
2 Recipes for Concrete Patch Mix
Mixing concrete may be best left to the professionals.
03-06-20 by
4 Tips for Stucco Application Techniques
Stucco application can be undertaken by any individual.
04-06-20 by
5 Masonry Wall Finishes to Consider
To upgrade the look of your masonry wall you have many options.
10-19-20 by
5 Options For Bolting To Concrete
Bolting to concrete may be needed to secure heavy machinery.
04-10-20 by
Anchoring To Concrete and Masonry
It's not as "hard" as you might think.
08-28-21 by
Another Driveway Option - Interlocking Brick
Are you in the market for a new driveway?
03-17-20 by
Applying A Cement Stucco Base Coat
Cement stucco is a popular material used for siding.
04-14-21 by
Basement Concrete Resurfacing
There are many concrete resurfacing solutions.
03-23-20 by
Beginning Home Masonry Projects
Turn your creative masonry ideas into reality with these easy projects.
07-15-22 by