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Displaying 1 - 10 of 154 Articles
13 Alternatives to Cement
Some are emerging, others are classic building materials.
06-24-22 by
3 Signs that You Should Replace Your Flat Roof
You might have a flat roof and if so perhaps you are wondering when you are going to have to replace it?
02-20-20 by
4 Best Uses for Radiata Pine
Radiata Pine is a considerably popular wood.
03-17-20 by
4 Types of Flat Roof Coatings
Flat roof coatings come in a variety of different types.
03-17-20 by
4 Types of Wood Siding
Wood siding can be installed vertically or horizontally.
04-01-20 by
5 Best Uses for Fiberboard
Fiberboard makes use of wood fibers for a cost-effective material used in many household applications. The article that follows will share with you the best uses of fiberboard
01-06-20 by
5 Common Berber Carpet Materials Explained
Berber Carpet is constructed using the loop pile method.
02-26-22 by
5 Options For Bolting To Concrete
Bolting to concrete may be needed to secure heavy machinery.
04-10-20 by
5 Tips for Removing Roof Shingles
Use these tips to remove those old shingles from your roof.
03-04-20 by
5 Tips for Repairing Cracked Tiles
Cracked tiles are common in houses that use it for flooring, walls, or countertops.
12-30-19 by