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Displaying 1 - 10 of 209 Articles
An adhesive on a white background.
UV curing adhesives have several different uses.
08-08-19 by DoItYourself Staff
Chicken wire.
These steps will help you make a sturdier fence without wasting wire.
01-07-20 by Daphne Mallory
Corrugated siding
Corrugated steel siding is a popular choice among homeowners as it is fire-resistant, cost-effective, and repels damage from weather.
01-06-20 by Heaven Stubblefield
Stacked MDF.
Fiberboard is engineered wood sheets this article will explain how the types can vary and how it can change the project it's used for.
01-06-20 by Kenneth Rivera
Cutting deck boards with a circular saw
Marine plywood offers more water resistance than regular plywood.
01-06-20 by Mike Johnson
stack of particle board
Furniture, flooring, and even cabinets are made with particle board, but it requires gentle care in order to last.
01-06-20 by Lakshmy Nair
Removing a screw from a wall
With a little work, you can move them without much damage.
01-06-20 by Shereyll Pineda
Man working with linoleum flooring
Heat is the key to removing adhesive from linoleum, but if not done correctly you could cause damage to your flooring.
08-08-19 by DoItYourself Staff
White stream coming out of a spray can
Whether the project is home improvement, school report, or wedding gift, spray adhesive is a useful tool.
08-08-19 by Lakshmy Nair
resin dripping from a stir stick
When laying fiberglass, multiple layers of fiberglass resin are often necessary. Allow proper dry time between coats.
07-25-22 by Shandra Handley