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Displaying 1 - 10 of 60 Articles
A selection of colorful paint cans.
Preparation is key and primer is the definition of prep.
04-14-21 by Connor Doe
They can make your space feel more open.
07-25-22 by Angelo Maceri
Sheet metal
Cutting sheet metal can be done using an electric drill.
07-25-22 by Bipasha Bhatia
shiny bronze doorknob
Don't accidentally damage precious items with improper care.
07-25-22 by Teresa Agresto
Sheet metal ductwork
Sheet metal bending is a very useful skill for home and auto
07-25-22 by Tim Bossie
Cutting corrugated metal with sheers
The "right" tool depends on the type of metal you're cutting
07-25-22 by Teresa Agresto
If you have old metal corral panels that you want to paint so that you can make them look new again.
06-15-22 by Jeff Grundy
Length of wrought iron fencing
Keep it striking and strong with some basic maintenance.
06-29-22 by Adam Deppe
If you want to build a pergola in your garden, then you can use materials of any variety.
06-16-22 by Jen S.
If you discovered that your iron chimenea is rusting on you, you might be able to rescue it.
05-31-22 by Justin Stewart