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Displaying 51 - 60 of 57 Articles
Should You Use Metal for a Gable Roof?
Metal roofing is pricey but resilient.
11-26-20 by
Stainless Steel vs. Brushed Steel
The term stainless steel refers to a type of alloy.
01-17-20 by
The Best Way to Install a Solid Rivet
Solid rivets work if you don't want to weld.
03-14-23 by
Tin Interior Trends
This affordable, stylish metal is a hot design material.
10-19-20 by
What Type of Metal Sealant to Use for Various Metals
There are many types of metal sealants on the market.
12-23-22 by
Wood Fence Panels vs Metal Fence Panels
Wood can be more rustic and elegant, metal lasts longer.
06-13-22 by
Wood, Vinyl or Metal Deck Railings?
Decking has become an increasingly popular garden addition in recent years and many homeowners finish these attractive features by adding wood, vinyl or metal deck railings.
02-05-20 by