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A bathroom remodeling project with the words "budget bathroom renovation."
07-01-15 by Susan Patterson
A collection of paint chips and granite samples over a home's blueprint.
03-04-15 by Perry Miller
A small bedroom with wallpaper on closet doors.
06-22-17 by Perry Miller
A finger holding down the nozzle of a bottle with red spray paint.
12-13-16 by Amy Jensen
A man fixes the toilet tank
03-03-15 by Frank Bruskewicz
A remote controlled light with the words "home energy checkup."
02-09-15 by Kimberly Carver
Installing an energy efficient LED light bulb into a ceiling can fixture.
03-03-15 by Andrew Peloquin
A pile of coins and cash with hand tools.
11-07-17 by Perry Miller
A broken piggy bank with coins spilling out and a hammer next to it.
11-08-17 by Perry Miller
A thermostat wearing a knitted cap and flashes the word "save" on its screen.
03-04-15 by Laurie Bloomfield