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Displaying 1 - 10 of 496 Articles
A small bedroom with wallpaper on closet doors.
Update your bedroom with these easy and inexpensive projects!
06-22-17 by Perry Carpenter
Save Cash on Painting
Change the look of your home without spending a fortune.
11-19-20 by Christina Edwards
Two halogen light bulbs on a reflective white surface.
You don't have to let go of a halogen lamp if the transformer stops working. Replacing it is simple!
02-03-20 by Linda Ahn
The bladed end of a hand blender on a white background.
Hand blenders are useful in the kitchen.
02-11-20 by Vida Llevares
A house wrapped up in a scarf and hat.
These 6 tips will save you money all year long.
03-03-15 by Perry Carpenter
A remote controlled light with the words "home energy checkup."
Ever wonder why your electric bill is so high? A simple tour of the home, with or without an energy professional, can solve that question.
02-09-15 by Kimberly Carver
A washing machine with cash sitting in one of its drawers.
If you're attempting to reduce energy bills and get a smaller footprint, you've probably considered replacing some appliances. But which ones are worth it?
11-21-16 by James Jones
dollar bills and crumpled paper in a garbage can
Who knew being eco-friendly could also be budget friendly?
11-23-20 by Nicole Nemeth
A broken piggy bank with coins spilling out and a hammer next to it.
Make the most of your budget with these shopping tips!
11-08-17 by Perry Carpenter
A pile of coins and cash with hand tools.
Save some money, but make sure you're getting a quality product!
11-07-17 by Perry Carpenter