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Displaying 1 - 10 of 15 Articles
3 Tips When Mixing Mortar for a Shower Enclosure
Read this article for advice on mixing mortar.
09-12-22 by
How to Apply a Mortar Scratch Coat for Shower Wall Tiles
Need to know how to apply a scratch coat to the shower wall?
12-17-20 by
How to Apply Glass Block Mortar
This process is no simple thing.
03-17-20 by
How to Build a Brick Wall
A small brick wall can help separate, define, divide, or add decoration to any property.
01-17-20 by
How to Dissolve Lime Mortar
Lime mortar is used in a variety of ways.
03-17-20 by
How to Make Lime Mortar
It was very popular with skilled artisans in the late 1800s.
06-08-21 by
How to Mix Brick Mortar
There are many mortar types, each with their own qualities.
03-18-20 by
How to Mix Fireplace Mortar
Fireplace mortar is mixed a bit differently than regular mortar.
01-07-22 by
How to Mix Lime Mortar
Preparing the oldest types of mortar used in construction.
11-18-20 by
How to Mix Plastic Cement
Plastic cement is a vital ingredient in any DIY project.
05-10-21 by