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A repairman working on a furnace.
02-17-16 by Sandra Karnes
A couple of DIYers working on a plumbing problem in the kitchen.
08-12-15 by Amy Jensen
kitchen with outdated carpeting
11-21-16 by Kelsey Marland
A modern kitchen with a drawer open and plates inside.
05-04-16 by James Jones
A man adjusting a thermostat on a white wall.
08-03-17 by Perry Miller
A tray of roasting vegetables being put in the oven.
01-13-20 by Perry Carpenter
A pyramid roofline against a blue sky.
09-11-19 by Hannah Madans
Man working on a water softener
05-10-20 by Sara LeDuc
A row of dark houses with one glowing yellow.
05-10-20 by Angela Sabrowsky
Attic beams and insulation.
05-10-20 by James Jones