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Displaying 1 - 10 of 203 Articles
Paint swatches
There's a science to choosing color for your home.
11-19-20 by Perry Carpenter
A tray of roasting vegetables being put in the oven.
Remodeling your kitchen or building a house from scratch? You're probably deciding between a gas or an electric oven. Confused on which one to use? We share the benefits of each.
01-13-20 by Perry Carpenter
burglar at house door
Don't let your house be the weakest on the block.
11-30-21 by DoItYourself Staff
A tan garage door with windows.
AC units, recreational vehicles...what else could someone steal from your property?
05-11-20 by Amy Jensen
A small model of a house next to a hammer, pair of work gloves, and nails.
Feel empowered by your toolbox.
05-11-20 by Perry Carpenter
timber with end grain exposed
End grain flooring is tough and durable, but prepping and planning your installation doesn't need to be hard.
01-06-20 by Alexander Naz
A pyramid roofline against a blue sky.
There's more than one way to cover your head.
09-11-19 by Robert Ferguson
A modern kitchen with a drawer open and plates inside.
If your kitchen doesn't have an effective storage system, you aren't cooking efficiently. Follow these tips for some common storage problems that will get you on the right track.
05-04-16 by James Jones
Building plans on paper with a wood stamp.
Here's how to get yourself out of the sticky situation of not having permits for your home construction.
10-19-20 by Perry Carpenter
A man adjusting a thermostat on a white wall.
Regulate your home's temperature better with these tips.
08-03-17 by Perry Carpenter