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A snowed-in house.
11-19-20 by Edward Kimble
A grouping of yard tools hanging up on the outside of a shed.
10-23-17 by Perry Miller
A tiny home with a yellow door made out of a shipping container.
01-26-17 by Sara LeDuc
A person pumping out a septic tank.
08-14-17 by Laurie Bloomfield
Beekeeping in Your Backyard
04-28-15 by Brian Barth
A house wrapped in a red scarf and hat.
11-21-16 by KC Morgan
A small clay house next to a calculator and tree leafs, on top of building plans.
12-26-16 by Robert Ferguson
8 Ways to Homestead in an Apartment
11-21-16 by Angela Sabrowsky
A tiny home with two kids sitting on an open window ledge.
01-25-17 by Ashley Childs
DIY Water Collection Ideas and Tips
04-20-15 by Susan Patterson