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Displaying 1 - 10 of 90 Articles
3 Advantages of Using Textured Paint
Try a gritty reboot.
02-17-23 by
3 Best Paints for a Shower Ceiling
The wrong paint can leave you with mold and mildew.
03-23-23 by
4 Types of House Siding
Siding can protect your home and give it a new look.
06-26-23 by
5 Tips for Designing with Glitter Wall Paint
Add a little or a lotta glitter.
11-08-22 by
5 Tips for Keeping Water-Based Paint Thin
Keeping a good, thin consistency to your interior paint is important. Prevent and fix your thickened paint using these tips.
07-25-23 by
6 Different Types of Faux Finishes to Consider
Faux finishes can add texture, style and depth to an otherwise dull and boring room.
11-08-22 by
6 Tips for Mixing Turpentine
Turpentine is a flammable liquid that is used as a solvent, usually for paint and varnish.
11-14-22 by
Acrylic Latex Paint Basics Explained
Acrylic latex paint is one of the highest quality latex paints available.
11-08-22 by
Advantages and Disadvantages to Using Granite Paint
It's cheap, but it's hard to get it looking just right.
08-10-22 by
A Primer on Interior Paint Finishes
Know your paint finishes for the final touch.
11-22-22 by