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Displaying 1 - 10 of 155 Articles
paint roller in a tray with light colored paint
It can be an excellent tool in spaces with high humidity.
04-28-20 by Chris Nickson
A can of yellow enamel paint.
Learn how to get durable, glossy finish with enamel paint.
11-16-21 by Purva Bhandari
A paintbrush sitting in a glass jar filled in part with paint thinner.
Use safe disposal for the sake of the planet and your family.
04-28-20 by Lakshmy Nair
brass materials
The job will be easier if you know which paint to use.
05-24-21 by Chris Nickson
Wall marks are unsightly but we often ignore them.
11-04-20 by Chris Nickson
pink striped glitter wall paint
You can change rooms radically with some glitter wall paint.
07-25-22 by Tim Bossie
Paint peeling off a bathroom wall.
When paintjobs fail, a DIYer gets answers from the Forum.
01-04-21 by Justin DiPego
rolling white paint onto a ceiling
The wrong paint can leave you with mold and mildew.
05-31-21 by Shermaine Williams
semi-gloss paint in different colors
Semi-gloss paint has a slightly shiny sheen.
07-25-22 by Elena Lynn Aguilar
Woman applying blue paint to a wall.
There's nothing fake about faux painting.
07-25-22 by Murray Anderson