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Displaying 1 - 10 of 11 Articles
5 Handy DIY Tricks
Learning new DIY tips and tricks can really speed up projects and result in better-finished products.
02-22-23 by
DIY a Wood Pallet Accent Wall
Create a rustic accent wall in under 10 steps.
03-19-20 by
How to Break Apart Pallets
You have a pallet, now what?
05-10-20 by
How to Tell if a Pallet Is Safe to Reuse
Pallet projects are everywhere, but it's harder than you think to find a safe pallet to use.
12-08-22 by
Make an Indoor/Outdoor Upcycled Pallet Daybed
For all your indoor/outdoor napping needs.
12-09-22 by
No Dig Gardens
No need for a shovel, or to stoop when you plant or harvest.
10-31-22 by
Recycled Pallet Projects, Part 2: Repurposing Shipping Pallets in Your Outdoor Space
A handy, cheap (or free) resource to enhance your home.
06-27-22 by
Recycled Pallet Projects, Part 3: Outdoor Coffee Table
Build a coffee table perfect for your patio or rustic home decor.
10-31-22 by
Upcycled DIY Vertical Pallet Garden
Pallet gardens are perfect for small outdoor spaces.
10-31-22 by
Upcycle Pallets Into a Wood Floor
You could be standing on your next upcycling project.
01-21-20 by