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Displaying 11 - 14 of 14 Articles
A women in a home that uses upcycled furniture.
Learning new DIY tips and tricks can really speed up projects and result in better-finished products.
05-11-20 by Perry Carpenter
A wood accent wall made from pallets.
Create a rustic accent wall in under 10 steps.
03-19-20 by Laurie Bloomfield
A pallet hung on a wall with flowers planted in it.
Pallet projects are everywhere, but it's harder than you think to find a safe pallet to use.
05-11-20 by Lyndsee Harrison
pallet deck and painted backyard furniture
Ready to DIY your way to the perfect outdoor space? These 10 projects are simple and can be customized to suit your style preferences.
07-26-16 by Nicole Nemeth