Displaying 1 - 10 of 73 Articles
Displaying 1 - 10 of 73 Articles
10 Beautiful Bug Eating Plants (and How to Love Them)
Some can thrive indoors, others are best in the wild.
11-07-22 by
10 Perfect Plants for Permaculture Gardens
These beautiful plants produce nutritious food.
02-15-22 by
18 Houseplants Perfect for Bad Gardeners
Select the right plants and even a bad gardener can enjoy a house filled with green.
06-30-22 by
5 Houseplants Perfect for the Bathroom
Some houseplants thrive in bathrooms, where the air is humid and the natural light is scarce.
11-02-22 by
5 Mini Greenhouses for Protecting Plants
They range from little tents to pop-up rooms.
08-08-21 by
5 Things to Know About the Fern Life Cycle
Ferns are nearly prehistoric, so they have their cycle down.
06-26-23 by
6 Greenhouse Ideas (and How to Build One)
Protect your plants and lengthen growing season.
06-14-22 by
6 Indoor Plants That Will Cool Your House Down
The right houseplants can help cut your AC bill.
04-28-23 by
6 Steps for Growing Sage In a Container
Sage, like most herbs, can easily be grown.
06-22-20 by
6 Ways to Protect Your Plants From Freezing Temps
Before you hibernate, make sure your plants are set to endure the winter.
10-12-22 by