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Displaying 1 - 10 of 30 Articles
Plexiglass sheets are acrylic or plastic sheets.
10-13-20 by Swapna Chitgopkar
Chances are you will have to install a bullnose corner.
03-01-21 by Angelo Maceri
It is important that you are able to understand all the different options available for PEX plumbing.
05-02-22 by Sage C.
liquid acrylic resin dripping back into the can
Durable and versitile, acrylic resin is a workhorse. Unfortunately, it's no friend to the environment.
07-20-22 by Connor Doe
Throughout your home you will find plastic compression fittings.
02-09-22 by Carol S.
Cross-linked polyethylene or PEX tubing is commonly used in radiant heating systems.
01-26-22 by Shereyll Pineda
Most new homes are fitted with a plumbing manifold system for the distribution of hot and cold water.
02-24-22 by Avantica David
plastic pipes of different sizes
This plastic variant dates back to the 1930s.
04-25-22 by Ania Szremski
If you want to do your own plumbing, you may find that ABS pipe fittings are very helpful.
03-29-22 by Angelo Maceri
PEX tube on a blue background.
PEX tube material is durable under extreme temperatures.
12-20-21 by Yap Siew Leng