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Displaying 41 - 50 of 361 Articles
hanging framed family photo
You can easily add one in just four steps.
01-09-20 by Tiffanie Ice
white painted veneer kitchen cabinets with metal hardware
Modernize your space with few supplies.
06-01-21 by Justin Stewart
A man standing on a ladder painting a ceiling.
Freshly painted ceilings give revamped rooms the final touch.
12-27-19 by Ruth LovettSmith
two colors of textured paint on wall
When painting over a textured surface, it can be difficult to get into all of the troughs and peaks. Check out this guide for help.
11-01-19 by Jackie Carmichael
A shelf against a yellow wall with a cactus on it.
It doesn't matter how much work you put in your shelving if it's not level.
12-07-17 by Jack Vodden
A terrarium beside a window with succulents in it.
Succulents are low-maintenance, making them perfect for around the home in these easy DIY projects.
06-06-22 by Sara LeDuc
A cacti arrangement in a terrarium.
Cacti are low-maintenance and attractive houseplants that can be easily turned into a decorative arrangement.
01-02-19 by Sara LeDuc
A table setting made of concrete.
It's a lot like making mud pies - permanent and elegant mud pies.
11-19-20 by Justin (Writer) DiPego
car engine valves
Stuck engine valves can cause numerous issues.
06-29-22 by Hannah Madans
bed with tall, wooden headboard
Give your old wooden headboard a refreshing facelift.
11-16-21 by Kimberly Hays