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Displaying 51 - 60 of 347 Articles
hand holding phone cord with tape
Battery won't charge? You might be able to fix that.
06-23-21 by Bonface Landi
A concrete foundation.
Painting concrete foundations is an excellent way to breathe life to the foundation.
10-16-19 by Avantica David
It is not expensive to build your own outdoor TV antenna.
11-12-21 by Jean-Pierre Catania
One hour and two minutes remain on a washer timer.
Don't put up with a broken timer. Replace it with a few tools and some simple steps.
11-19-20 by DoItYourself Staff
Interlaced phone connector jacks close-up.
Separate lines for phone and FAX in a snap.
03-26-20 by Kristine Keller
ice cubes
Thawing your freezer's supply line is simple.
05-06-22 by Angelo Maceri
the back of a refrigerator with mechanical parts including a compressor
Refrigerator not cooling? This might be the culprit.
05-24-21 by KC Morgan
A man looks at a dishwasher.
A leaky dishwasher is fairly easy to repair.
02-25-20 by Garry Steck
An outdoor foot washing station next to a hose.
Summer activities often leave feet dirty. Hose them off in this simple DIY to keep your floors clean!
06-27-22 by Ruth LovettSmith
A new closet organizer.
Here's one way to put away a resolution.
01-06-15 by Barbara Aguirre