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Displaying 1 - 10 of 31 Articles
2 Recipes for Concrete Patch Mix
Mixing concrete may be best left to the professionals.
03-06-20 by
5 Indoor Hot Tub Ventilation Tips
An indoor hot tub provides all the benefits of a hot tub, with added privacy.
01-21-20 by
9 Steps to Replace a Window Screen
Are window screens in your home torn, dirty, or missing?
08-17-21 by
Baseboard Installation Mistakes to Avoid
There is nothing too demanding about baseboard installation.
03-26-21 by
Basement Crack Repair
If you have a leaky basement it is time to look into repair.
06-02-21 by
Bypass Door Installation
Bypass door installation is relatively easy to do.
12-14-20 by
Easy Ways to Spruce Up Old Ceramic Tile Patterns
Ceramic tile patterns break up the monotony of plain tile.
06-13-21 by
How to Build a Countertop Base
No project is quite as popular as changing your Countertops.
10-26-20 by
How to Cut Clay Roof Tiles
It's crucial to select the correct tools.
03-17-20 by
How to Fix a Cinder Block Retaining Wall
Over time, in the elements, the blocks that make up the cinder block retaining wall can deteriorate due to harsh weather conditions. Replace or repair it.
06-26-23 by