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Displaying 41 - 50 of 153 Articles
Thermostat on the wall reads 73 degrees
A wireless thermostat will allow you to control your thermostat remotely.
12-16-21 by Justin Stewart
An air handler is a tool that is a common component of various air conditioning systems and function.
03-29-22 by Andrew Cowell
After some years, you might need to replace the water heater since it may start to leak.
01-26-22 by Dustin Camilleri
Sometimes, the hardest part of installing a new faucet is removing the old one.
03-30-22 by Norma Vally
Caulking tools on a bathtub.
Replace caulking in four simple steps.
04-14-22 by Virginia Hembree
A vessel sink bowl is a bowl that sits on top of a countertop surface as opposed to below it.
02-17-22 by Sage C.
Outdoor living room with fireplace
Double the enjoyment and warmth.
05-23-22 by Jessica Tesoriero
You may find that eventually you will have to replace your swamp cooler motor.
03-29-22 by Jen S.
Replacing a traditional faucet with a waterfall faucet.
04-11-22 by Justin Stewart
Many prefer floor sinks over wall mounted sinks these days.
04-20-22 by Precious Silva