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Displaying 41 - 50 of 112 Articles
How to Coat Your Fiberglass Roof
A fiberglass roof is sturdy and dependable during rainy days, as long as you maintain its coat.
01-06-20 by
How to Convert to a Gable Roof
This guide will show you how to do it to yourself and save.
04-10-20 by
How to Cut Clay Roof Tiles
It's crucial to select the correct tools.
03-17-20 by
How to Cut Into a Hip Roof
When constructing a hip roof, one of your tasks is to cut the rafters that act as supports to the roof cover. As a roof specialist knows, there are three kinds of cuts that can be done to the roof timber. You have a “seat cut”, that is at a horizontally-level angle, a “plumb cut”, that is at
03-24-23 by
How to Cut Roof Rafters
The right tool makes this task easy peasy.
01-24-23 by
How to Finish Cedar Shingles
Cedar shingles are a wonderful architectural element.
01-21-20 by
How to Fix a Leak on a Clay Tile Roof
The manner in which a leak can be repaired will differ depending on the cause of the problem. The fix depends on the issue.
01-06-20 by
How to Heat Roofing Tar
It requires serious precautions.
03-20-23 by
How to Install 3 Tab Shingles
Three tab shingles are the most common type.
03-23-20 by
How to Install a Dog Kennel Roof
The best method to keep your dog safe from sunlight and rain is by building a good dog kennel roof.
03-29-23 by