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Displaying 1 - 10 of 97 Articles
10 Hand Saw Safety Tips
When using a hand saw, make sure you have adequate space to work and follow safety precautions.
12-03-22 by
10 Important Scroll Saw Safety Tips
Scroll through these 10 simple safety tips. Your scroll saw will thank you and so will your fingertips.
01-17-23 by
10 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re on Vacation
Keep your home safe no matter where you are.
04-27-23 by
3 Advantages of Using a Double-Acting Lever Lock
A double-acting lever lock consist of a bolt, and a set of levers with a slot.
11-30-22 by
3 Safety Concerns when Welding Galvanized Steel
There are major safety concerns attached when welding galvanized steel.
12-19-22 by
4 Basement Floor Insulation Safety Tips
Read these 4 important basement insulation safety tips.
09-12-22 by
4 Common Backflow Preventer Problems
A backflow preventer is a valve which will protect your drinking water from chemicals.
01-04-22 by
4 Precautions to Consider when Using Turpentine as a Paint Remover
Turpentine is a highly flammable toxic liquid that is often used as a grease and paint remover.
08-04-22 by
4 Safety Mistakes You're Making at Home Right Now
There are a few things you may not be aware of that can be detrimental to your health.
04-15-23 by
4 Safety Tips to Remember when Using a Pellet Stove
Installing a pellet stove in your home has become a very popular way to heat.
01-06-22 by