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Displaying 41 - 50 of 59 Articles
How to Install Pin-Style Supports for Adjustable Shelves
If you want to put up some adjustable shelves, then you might consider pin style supports.
12-14-22 by
How to Install Recessed Shelves in Your Shower
Follow these steps to install recessed shower shelves.
09-13-22 by
How to Install Shelf Brackets into a Brick Wall
With the right hardware, attaching shelving to bricks is no different than mounting to wood.
06-26-23 by
How to Install Shelves Using Drywall Anchors
Adding storage space to your room by installing a shelf is an easy task.
06-26-23 by
How to Make a Floating Corner TV Shelf
Make sure to have the proper support.
11-28-22 by
How to Make a Homemade CD Shelf
Homemade shelving can save you a lot of time and some money.
11-28-22 by
How to Make Sliding Shelves
Whenever your kitchen is beginning to become a little bit too crowded, sliding shelves can help.
12-28-22 by
How to Make Wood Storage Cubes
Building storage cubes is a relatively simple way of creating plenty of additional space.
12-14-22 by
How to Paint Wooden Floating Wall Shelves
Floating wall shelves are an attractive addition to anyone's home.
09-01-22 by
How to Safely Remove Pull-out Shelves
It's a little bit of finesse and a bit of force.
10-19-20 by